Invest With SMUVE And Cash In On The The Next Major Market Disruption!


SMUVE aims to revolutionize the global removals industry by providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality moving services.

We are a new, fast paced nimble tech focused removals company, that is set to disrupt the industry in a major way and make an impact globally, while doing great things for the economically disadvantaged.

Operating in a primary market worth an estimated $2.25b in the UK alone, and $55.53b in all target markets annually, with an emphasis on democratising the process of moving household and business goods from A to B and much more.

The Leadership Team:

  • TBA | Chairman
  • Jonny Baird | Managing Director
  • TBA | Operations Director
  • TBA | Sales Director
  • TBA | Finance Director

Strategic Partnerships:

Through collaborations with organizations like Utility Warehouse, SMUVE offers discounted rates and tailored services to economically disadvantaged communities, enhancing its market reach and impact.

Technological Advancements:

SMUVE harnesses cutting-edge technology to streamline the moving process, ensuring efficiency, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

Experienced Workforce:

With a unique workforce strategy that taps into the talent pool of experienced professionals, including former Amazon delivery employees, SMUVE delivers exceptional service with care and efficiency.

Investment Opportunity:

SMUVE is seeking £1 billion in its first round of seed investment to dominate the market, fuel expansion, technological advancements, and strategic initiatives, positioning itself as the only option in the removals industry while championing accessibility and affordability for all.

The Market:

Here’s an overview of the 21 most favourable markets for SMUVE to enter.

CountryMarket Size (USD)Consumer Spend (USD) per moveMarket ActivityOpportunity
United States$18 billion$1,200 – $2,000HighSignificant opportunity for growth and innovation due to increasing mobility and demand for affordable services
Brazil$2.15 billion$110 – $220SteadyAmple opportunity for companies to provide tailored and affordable solutions
Canada$2.35 billion$640 – $1,200ModeratePotential for companies to offer specialized services and capture market share
Mexico$500 million$100 – $200SteadyGrowing demand for accessible and efficient removal services
Subtotal$23 billion$1,012 – $1,655
Australia$1.8 billion$450 – $900ConsistentPotential for companies to offer specialized services and cater to different customer needs
Japan$7.2 billion$600 – $1,300SteadyGrowing need for efficient and accessible removal services
India$2.1 billion$70 – $140SignificantConsiderable potential for companies to offer innovative and affordable solutions
Singapore$370 million$640 – $1,200SteadyNeed for reliable and efficient removal services
Subtotal$11.47 billion$440 – $910
Germany$4.4 billion$900 – $1,700SteadySignificant potential for companies to provide innovative solutions and capture market share
Spain$1.7 billion$500 – $1,000ModerateRoom for companies to offer customized services and cater to different market segments
France$3.6 billion$720 – $1,400ConsistentPotential for companies to offer specialized services and capture market share
Italy$2.3 billion$600 – $1,200SteadyOpportunity to provide tailored services and cater to different customer preferences
Netherlands$1.4 billion$340 – $680ConsistentPotential to offer efficient and convenient removal solutions
Poland$1.1 billion$200 – $400SteadyOpportunity to offer affordable and reliable removal services
Sweden$600 million$430 – $860ModeratePotential to offer sustainable and innovative removal solutions
United Kingdom$2.25 billion$400 – $800HighGrowing demand for efficient and cost-effective removal services
Turkey$490 million$100 – $200SteadyOpportunity to offer tailored and affordable removal solutions
Subtotal$17.95 billion$486 – $1,028
Middle East
United Arab Emirates$680 million$550 – $1,400SignificantNeed for reliable and efficient removal services
Egypt$630 million$70 – $210SteadyPotential for companies to offer accessible and efficient removal solutions
Saudi Arabia$800 million$500 – $1,000SteadyOpportunity to offer innovative and high-quality removal services
Subtotal$2.11 billion$388 – $871
Totals$55.53 billion

Note: Consumer spend ranges are averaged where applicable. Market sizes and consumer spends have been converted to USD using the most recent exchange rates circa Feb 2024.

Additional Revenue Streams:

There are 8 areas ripe for expansion in this business at this time with 3 currently active:

  • Domestic removals.
  • Nimble Commercial Goods Transportation.
  • High Quality Data Collection for Use by third parties.
  • Removal software licencing. *Rev Up. (built into Removal Software).
  • Van rentals.
  • Van financing.
  • Waste Management Referrals.
  • Van Advertising Inventory.

For more information on investment opportunities with SMUVE, please write to Jonny Baird, Founder & MD of SMUVE at [email protected]. Together, we’ll change the way the world moves.